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Features and facilities

Front entrances

There are four front entrances at ground level, two of which lead to foyer areas (for access to all flats in the building), the other two are for direct entry to Flat 3 of either building.

Foyer areas

The foyer areas contain letter boxes, etc. There is also a security camera.

Stairwell areas

The stairwell proceeds from the lower ground floor up through to the fifth floor. Each floor provides access to flats, apart from the fifth floor providing access to the lift motor room, the roof area and so on.

Roof areas

The roof is accessible from the fifth floor via. a pull down ladder. It must only be accessed for maintenance purposes approved for by the managing agents, therefore individual persons may not install, or have installed, satellite dishes, antennnas or other items. Currently, the access hatch is not locked.

Garbage compactor room

The garbage compactor room is located on the lower ground floor. It was previously used by a porter to store and compact garbage for private collection. However, this room is no longer used (last use in #39 appears to be September 1982). It is not accessible without permission in either #39 or #41.

Electricity meter room

The electricity meter room is located on the lower ground floor. It is not locked in #39, but is in #41: it contains meters for the building and individual properties. There are also a number of other items in here, such as telephone distribution, door entry control panel and so on.

Utilities cupboard

The utilities cupboard is located on the lower ground floor in #39, and it is a vacant space in #41.

Front external landing areas and vaults

The landing areas to the front of the building is accessible by a gate and steps to the far end of #41. Keys to the gate are held by the managing agents, the company directors, the owners of the flats on the lower ground floors (Flats 1 and 2), and any contractors on an as needed basis. These areas are demised to Flats 1 and 2, and thus are not for use by other residents. Access may be required for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Rear external landing areas

The landing areas to the rear of the building are demised to the lower ground floor flats (Flats 1 and 2). Note that due to the difference in ground level, the buildings immediately to the rear are situated a level lower, so that the lower ground floor of 38-41 Craven Hill Gardens corresponds to the ground floor level of 49-52 Queens Gardens.

Television services

There is a communal antenna system providing television services to each flat. Each building has two antennas that feed into a distribution amplifier, which sends the signal through four main feeds down through the centre of the building, and at certain points (e.g. in the electricity meter room and the garbage compactor room), these main feeds are then split out into individual feeds into each flat. The services are maintained by Ward Aerials Ltd.

There are no, as far as it is known, approved satellite dishes on the roof. There are several unapproved dishes that have been installed to individual flats, with wires leading down the outside of the building. As far as it is known, these are in violation of local planning laws (Westminster have written to us twice about this), and at some stage they should be consolidated into a single service for the entire building.

Water services

Water services are provided to each flat, however no communal meters or stop cocks appear present. Residents should eventually install stop cocks in their own flats.

Gas services

Gas service is not supplied to all flats, it is unclear exactly which obtain it and which don't, but it appears that none of the mezzanine flats (to the rear of the building) have the service, and the gas pipes were added after construction of the building (as they are contained in post-construction ducting in the lower ground floor, rising out of the ground below the stairs).

Electricity services

Electricity services are supplied to all flats, leading out from the electricity meter room (located on the lower ground floor, see separate entry). There are also electricity services to various services in the building (i.e. lift, television amplifier, garbage compactor room, lighting, entryphone, power points, etc).

Telephone services

Telephone services are supplied to all flats, leading out from the electricity meter room, connected through from the BT Paddington Exchange (rather than, say, the BT Bayswater Exchange) near Edgware Road. Unfortunately the quality of the line from the exchange appears poor and broadband speeds appear low (< 4Mbps even on ADSL2+ [max 24Mbps]). There is a line to the lift emergency phone.

Door entry system

The door entrance system is audio only, with a panel outside the door, and phones in each flat. The control panel is located in the electricity meter room and has an on/off switch (at the power point). The system is manufactured by Bitron and installed and maintained by Interphone Ltd.

Lighting inside and outside

Lighting in the interior common areas is mostly always on. Lights on the front entrance are on a sensor and a timer. Lights in the foyer are always on. Lights in the stairwells are partly always on, and fully activated by a push button momentary switch. Otherwise, there is lighting in various building rooms (the garbage compactor room, the electricity meter room, the utilities cupboard, the lift motor room, and the ceiling access area).

Letter boxes

The letter boxes are located in the foyer, with an open area below for oversize items, unsorted post, unknown items, and so on. Replacement keys (using the key code noted inside your letter box, or if not present, ordering an entirely new tumbler), or other parts, can be ordered from DAD UK (via. the online shop).

Lift service

The lift service is provided between the ground floor up to the fourth floor (but note that it does not directly service the mezzanine levels: traversal up/down one flight of stairs is required). The lift motor room is located on the fifth floor (immediately above the lift shaft, of course), for which entrance is permitted only for maintenance or emergency purposes. The lift has an emergency telephone inside, and clearly labeled contact phone numbers (both on the inside and outside). The lifts are maintained by Schindlers Lifts, for 24 hour breakdown coverage, please call 0800 335 566.