Management information --

The lessors have appointed managing agents and set out other material for lessees relating to the management of the building, including practice and procedures, contacts, local services, etc. Lessees are asked to consider this material first before resorting the managing agents.


Managing agents details, contacts and responsibilities
- details and address
- what they are responsible for doing
Emergency or out of hours contacts and procedures
- gas, electricial, etc - who to call and reimbursement, etc
- need to notify
Contacts for local services and third parties, e.g. locksmiths
- recommended contacts
Local events and activities of note
- Hempel hotel
- cleveland square
Regular activities and services, e.g. maintenance and cleaning
- our cleaners and what they do
- periodic internal and external refurbishment
Practices and procedures for
- Decorations, alterations or other works
- Waste disposal and recycling
- Entrance, foyer and stairwells
- External landing
- Entryphone and keys
- Internal areas and facilities
- External areas and access
- Parking, cycling, storage, etc
- Satellite dishes, television, cable, etc
- Sale of flats and transfer of leases
- Purchase of lease extensions
- Sub-letting and use by third parties
- Appropriate behaviour, noise and disturbance
- Payments of service charges
- Security and safety, incl. burglary and crime
- Insurance and claims
- Fire
- Pets
- Windows and balconies
Management program and objectives